Dance Camera


First test of the Camera (February 2019)


The Dance Camera Obscura(2020), catches the movements of dancers and transfers them into light-drawings. The arms and legs of the dancers are —like puppets on strings—connected to a hand built machine that registers them into a drawing. The intention of the machine is to interpret an unexpected combination of movement, dance, music and photography.
       The Dance Camera is a self-designed 3D printed camera with an integrated light drawings system with strings. The design and construction of this camera was made in collaboration with product designer, Felix Pape and costume designer Agnes Storch. The penultimate result is a performance between professional dancers and musicians with a collaborative photographic exhibition in the end.

© Peter Redlin
Tanzkamera Obscura Performance in Englische Kirche, Bad Homburg. 

︎Taunus Nachrichten: “Tänzerische Bewegungen und die Spuren des Lichts”
︎Frankfurt-Live: “Paul Pape zeigt in der Englischen Kirche (Bad Homburg) seine preisgekrönten ISO 5000-Fotografien”
︎HfG Offenbach: ”7 Musiker*innen und 3 Tänzer*innen hinterlassen Tanzbilder und legen eine Spur in eine fotografische Emulsion“