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Zollamt Offenbach, Frankfurter Straße 91, 63067 Offenbach am Main
curated by Julia Eichler / MMK Frankfurt a.M.

︎ Wednesday June 29th 2022.

︎Tanzkamera Obscura on 
F°LAB Festival for Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt LAB – Schmidtstraße 12, 60326 Frankfurt am Main.
︎ Thursday June 30th 2022. 

︎Tension receives the Rundgang Award for Stage Design and Scenic Space!

HfG-Portrait: Paul Pape from HfG Offenbach on Vimeo.

Paul Pape (°1989, Stuttgart) works and lives in Offenbach am Main. He studies at HfG Offenbach am Main—University of Art and Design— photography class with Prof. Martin Liebscher, and graphic design class with Prof. Sascha Lobe and Prof. Klaus Hesse.
       Paul is member of Atelier Wäscherei in Offenbach am Main.


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