Queck Ero

Queck Ero (2017)
During the journey to Bitburg. 


The Queck Ero(2017) is a machine that records  graphically,  the movements of the visitor. A turning plate in an unstable caravan, transforms the movements of the visitors in  the course of one day into a drawing. The results were shown during the group exhibition ‘Bitte ein Liebscher!’ in Haus Beda in Bitburg.       
        A series of drawings were exhibited. Each drawing shows the course of a day during the exhibition. The visitor disturbs the perfect circular course and brings tension to the drawing.

Sketch Queck Ero (2017) .

Exposition Bitte ein Liebscher!
Haus Beda.

︎Bitte ein Liebscher im Haus Beda