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︎Tension receives the Rundgang Award for Stage Design and Scenic Space!

HfG-Portrait: Paul Pape from HfG Offenbach on Vimeo.

Paul Pape (°1989, Stuttgart) works and lives in Offenbach am Main. He studies at HfG Offenbach am Main—University of Art and Design— photography class with Prof. Martin Liebscher, and graphic design class with Prof. Sascha Lobe and Prof. Klaus Hesse.
       Paul is member of Atelier Wäscherei in Offenbach am Main.


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 is a project that explores the relationship between contemporary photography and new music. The theme of the work is the freedom of musicians in a relationship of dependency and experimentation with a redeveloped camera obscura. Musicians, composers, visual artists and a director work together collaboratively to create performances, exhibitions and concerts. We try to record these not only through audio and video documentation, but also through photography and transform them into a kind of meta-composition.

Tension Performance in Frankfurt LAB, Frankfurt am Main© Tim Seger, Colour Grading: Raphaël Languillat

︎Frankfurter Algemeine—”Die neue Lust am Analogen“
︎ in Frankfurt Lab