Camera Obscura

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, (2017).


The Light Wind Camera Obscura(2018) is a self-designed 3D printed Camera machine with an integrated light pendulum. The design and construction of this camera was made in collaboration with product designer Felix Pape.
       The light pendulum draws the movement of the wind; when the wind moves the sail—that is integrated on top of the camera—the movement is transmitted via a glass fibre cable into the interior of the camera and in this way leaves a drawing on the unexposed photographic paper. At the same time, the camera obscura creates an image of the environment during a extended exposure on the same photographic paper. The end result is then a collage of the environment and the wind that left their impression like a signature.
       With this machine, I caught the wind in the streets of Frankfurt, Paris, on a French beach, and other places. In 2019 I caught the inside wind that is to be found in the Data Room of SAP Germany. After going through a lot of security checks, my camera captured the atmosphere and winds of the place packed with devices with high technology and extremely sensitive data from all over the world.

SAP (2019)

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