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︎Die SpeditionExpo in Parksides Studio, Offenbach am Main

︎Aus heutiger Sicht. Diskurse über Zukunft’ Jubiläumsausstellung HfG Offenbach in 
Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt
23.04— 25.08.2021

HfG-Portrait: Paul Pape from HfG Offenbach on Vimeo.

Paul Pape (°1989, Stuttgart) works and lives in Offenbach am Main. He studies at HfG Offenbach am Main—University of Art and Design— photography class with Prof. Martin Liebscher, and graphic design class with Prof. Sascha Lobe and Prof. Klaus Hesse.
       Paul is member of Atelier Wäscherei in Offenbach am Main.


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Wind Drawings

 Windzeichner (2017)
La Franqui, FR.

The Wind Drawings(2016—present day) are drawings as results of self-made drawing constructions made of steel and PETG. A cordless screwdriver moves a paper roll very slowly, while a pen, moved by the wind draws the movement lines of the wind.  

Publication 300x183

“Wind Drawings” 

Windzeichner (2017)
Linke Kapelle, HfG Offenbach.