Arbitration Tribunal


© Robert Schittko
#Makingcrisesvisible exhibition at Senkenberg museum, Frankfurt. 


Schiedsgericht/ Arbitration tribunal(2019) is a collaboration with Jana Bleckmann for the group exhibition ‘Making Crises Visible’.
       Arbitration Courts, as instruments of resolving conflicts between parties, come together, eye to eye at the negotiating table—at least that is the ideal concept of arbitration. Courts of arbitration can be used in conflicts between two states, but also between a state and a company or two companies. An important feature of arbitration is the freedom of the parties to decide largely on procedural rules, the type of law applied and the arbitrators appointed. The model illustrates different constellations by means of concrete cases. The usable furniture has been manipulated with regard to its (un)comfort, which illustrates the complications and power disparities between conflicting parties that procedures sometimes have to cope with.

© Paul Pape, Model of the arbitration court. 

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